25 Best Christian Poetry blogs!

I was just notified that this blog has been placed on the list of the 25 best Christian blogs on the web by Feedspot. https://blog.feedspot.com/christian_poetry_blogs/

I am deeply humbled by this honor and give all the glory to God. He’s the one who gives me every word.

I don’t always do awards, but this one touched my heart.

Be blessed

25 thoughts on “25 Best Christian Poetry blogs!

  1. Hi Pete, Congratulations , and you are number 2 well done. Very well deserved. It is so inspiring to receive such recognition. I had got one for Habit blogger – I think from the same blogger sometime last year. Well done again and keep up the great sharing. Regards Bella

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    1. By rhe way, i have anothet bible study blofg called God’s Maintenance Man. You might want to visit that onle als9. I am in Galations and the Fruit of the Spirit. Just posted on Joy last night.


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