What Love

I am convinced
Fully persuaded
Knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt
With full faith
And all belief
That Jesus loves me
More than I can comprehend
More than I deserve
More than I can express
In simple words
His love for me was evident
On that day so long ago
When He talked to His disciples in the upper room
When he told them he would be leaving them
When He washed their feet
Stooping down before them
Towel and basin by His side
Wiping the dust ad grime off
Drying them carefully
When He gave them the bread
Saying this is my body
Broken for you
He gave them the wine
Saying this is my blood
Poured out for you
They walked to the garden
As He taught them
His final words to them
He prayed
While they slept
Submitting to the Father’s will
Soldiers came
He surrendered to them
Trial came
He was silent
Scourging came
He bore the stripes
Crown of thorns came
He offered His brow
Beaten and bruised
He gave His body
Trial before Pilate
He humbled Himself
Carried His cross
Though His body was worn
Nailed through His hands and feet
Onto the tree
Crucified between thieves
Took on our sins
Gave up His life
It was not taken from Him
Placed in a borrowed tomb
Sealed with a stone
What a gift he has given
When he gave Himself
For my sin
For my shame
For my guilt
For my pardon
Oh what mercy
Oh what grace
Oh what love

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