I met my best friend when we were five
He’s just one week older than me
We did everything together as kids
No closer could friends ever be

In high school we drifted a little apart
He decided the Army was him
He did enroll right after school
And traveled off to Vietnam

There wasn’t much contact for 5 years
At our high school reunion we met
Our friendship picked up where it left off
Then he said something I won’t forget

He got saved when he went overseas
Now He wanted to share the good news
It took two years for it to sink in
I finally could see what He knew

Now our friendship is closer than ever
I’m enrolled in the school of grace
Sixty years come and gone with my friend
Forty years I’ve been giving God praise

Have you got an old friend who’s hurting
Maybe now it is your time to share
Call them up or stop by to see them
Let them know there’s a God that cares.


In response to the daily prompt Enroll

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