The Masterpiece

It’s hard for me to fathom
How the master forms the clay
While it’s spinning so quickly on the wheel
I have watched Him use the water
As He forms and shapes the clay
The pressure that he gives must be ideal

When he finishes he looks
At the masterpiece he made
As it casts a silhouette upon the ground
In his image he created
Each one of us unique
There is not another one of you around

One by one he fashioned us
On the spinning wheel of life
The pressure of his hands through trials felt
The water of His cleansing word
Shapes and molds our lives
‘Til before His cross we solemnly have knelt

The master knows you better
Than you even know yourself
He always has the best for you in mind
He formed you to be his
Won’t you give your life to Him
Make Jesus the Lord of all your life

In response to the daily prompt Silhouette

8 thoughts on “The Masterpiece

  1. SR

    Beautiful Pete. Pete, what do you think it means to “be created in the image of God?” I mean we all have different personalities, looks, talents etc…. What do you think that “image” really is? God Bless, SR

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    1. Pete Post author

      Good question! His image is within us, the spirit man that longs to be reunited with God. We cannot see it, but God looks on the spirit within us. He looks on the heart. If we could see what God see, we would be amazed!



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