My Salvation Story

I still remember where I was when Jesus set me free
I still remember who was there the day He rescued me
I remember the reaction that all those friends could see
On that happy day when Jesus saved me

I’d traveled out to Iowa to visit with my friend
My life was full of drink and drugs I partied without end
The plan was to enjoy the stay and party long with him
Things took quite a change soon when I arrived

The second night of stay my friend took me to church
I heard a message that convinced me I was truly lost
I raised my hand for prayer but was frozen in my seat
I knew I didn’t want to go to hell

Later in the week that pastor came to visit me
He said he saw my hand and asked if he could pray with me
I prayed a prayer of sorrow for the sin that was so deep
I asked God for forgiveness and asked him to save me

I sat on my friends’ couch as that prayer came forth that day
Suddenly a cold sweat started coming out of me
It felt as if my sin was being cleansed from inside out
My clothes were drenched in sweat as I wept at His great love.

That day set things in motion for who I am today
My mind and soul and heart all long to walk along His way
I live as pure as I can in this fallen world each day
Giving praises to my Savior for His mercy and His grace

Now that’s my testimony of the day He set me free
I’d love to hear your story would you comment yours for me
Or write a post that testifies of how faith came to be
And give you the glory all to Jesus Mighty God us He

7 thoughts on “My Salvation Story

  1. revolutionarymusings

    Thank for sharing your story. For me I was living a sinful life and engaging in shameful activities that has caused a lot of pain. I also thought that god could never forgive me. But I remember getting all these signs from seeing crosses, to finding bibles at work or people with Jesus t-shirts. I couldn’t ignore these signs any longer. I prayed and I let g
    through social media who I had known in my younger days who were a part of my church. I realized they loved me and even though I hadn’t seen them in 15 or so years they never forgot; even though I forgot about them. My prayers have been answered because I have stopped the addictive behaviors and my thought process has changed. I am going to church and reading the bible on a regular basis. I have also started writing again. I know I am not doing this; but its the work of god. Thats my story

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  2. Daily Thankful

    Thank you for sharing your powerful testimony, Pete! The Lord has been using you mightily (and continues to do so) because – as our pastor said this evening – you are willing and available to serve Him (the Lord)..

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    1. Pete Post author

      Thank you for your kind words. God has been very merciful to me – how can I not serve Him completely. There is so much to be done and I am always humbled that He would flow the words through me. Be blessed!

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  3. Gary Bertnick

    At age 23 a friend spoke simple honesty to me. I was desperate, being swallowed
    by despair. As I listened revelation from the Lord entered my spirit and soul. I was delivered but only later understood the Scriptural details. I was dead within, then I became alive with the deep peace of the Spirit as proof of His new Presence in me.
    Many years have passed. I only have grown stronger as a disciple . I chose life over death. Thank you brother.

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