Entangled In You

I Him I live
He is my source
He provides all that I need
Strength in my weakness
Joy in my sorrow
Faith in my times of doubt
Peace in the storms
Truth when I worry
All of my fears He removes with His love
He is my source of life

In Him I move
He has the plan
That will bring me a glorious end
Answers to questions
Guidance each day
His Spirit leads me to the truth
Holding my hand
Carrying me
When the steps are too hard to take
I only move when He moves

I have my being
Only in Christ
Grace that’s Amazing
Mercy that’s free
He paid the price on the cross
Poured out His spirit
Setting me free
I owe Him my life for eternity
I only will be where He is

My glorious Savior
My wonderful Lord
My life is entangled in you
There’s no place on earth
That I’d rather be
Than safe in your loving arms

In you I live and move
And have my being
You are my Heavenly Father
All I desire
You have provided
Your child I will always be

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