He Longs To Hear

I often seek to hear God’s voice
To guide me day by day
He comes and gently speaks to me
Showing me the way

He spoke before the dawn today
His words were very clear
He told me that most every day
My voice He longs to hear

He longs to hear me giving thanks
For all that he has done
From the Spirits leading in my life
To the giving of His Son
Each day He makes the sun to rise
And the stars to shine at night
Oh that we would thank the Lord
For the blessings in our lives

He longs to hear me praying
For the many that I know
Who need a touch from Him today
His power He wants to show
All week I told those close to me
That I would pray for them
He longs to have me take the time
To lift those prayers to Him

He longs to hear me praise Him
With all my heart and soul
To lift His name above all names
His glory to be told
With mighty anthems raising high
Our Hallelujahs ring
Lift up His praise for all to hear
As His great name we sing

Jesus mighty Son of God
All power and praise to you
Glory in the highest
I lift my arms to you
Praise and adoration
With all I have within
Exalted is your name oh Lord
My God, my everything

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