No More Hockey Pucks

When I was young I had much zip in every step I took
My days were filled with busy things not usually by the book
Climbing trees and catching frogs and slapping hockey pucks
The fact that I was rarely hurt I passed it off to luck

When I grew older, wiser too, I found myself messed up
I’d taken drugs and drink in droves and other nasty stuff
I needed remedy real fast or thought that I would die
No luck could get me out of this.  I wanted to survive

One day I heard that Jesus died to cleanse me of my sin
I asked Him to forgive me and come to live within
No luck or circumstance can ever take the place of Him
I now know peace and joy are real, and with Him I can win

So if your feeling down and out and have no where to turn
Please listen to these words of mine before you die and burn
Ask Jesus too forgive your sins, He’ll give a brannd  new start
You never wll regret the day He comes into your heart




In response to the daily prompt Luck

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