All to thee, my Savior

All to thee I give

I will lift my praise to you

As long as I shall live


All for you, my Savior

All my works for you

Everything I do on earth

Your glory will show through


All you ask, my Savior

All you ask of me

I will listen closely

Your voice is what I seek


And when the day is done

When the sun has gone to rest

I will lift my voice in song

So God will be most blessed


I’ll sing Hallelujah, Praise Him

Lift Hosannas to the sky

Praise and adoration

To the Lord most high


I’ll sing Holy is the Lord of Hosts

He’s the King of Kings

Glory to the Lamb of God

Lord of Everything


All my praise to you Lord

All my praise I give

I will worship you, my God

As long as I shall live

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