Heavens Door

I went through life when I was young

Aimlessly at best

Drugs and booze and sex  were found

And sober was a test

I thought I loved the life I lived

But one day realized

That all the things that I believed

Would soon turn into lies


Maybe if I’d turned away

From all the party life

And maybe if I’d told the truth

Instead of telling lies

And maybe if hadn’t stolen

Things throughout’t my life

I’d have a home in heaven

And things would be all right


But then I learned there’s just one way

To get through heaven’s door

Acepting Jesus as my Savior

Gets me there for sure

There are no maybes in Gods word

His promises endure

So ask Him in your heart today

And heaven will be yours



Written in response to the daily prompt Maybe

2 thoughts on “Heavens Door

  1. itsworthediting

    Delightful poem, which tell of the Savior’s love for sinners like us. There’s no reason to live without Him. I just followed your blog and am looking forward to your inspirations. God bless and keep you.



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