Two Great Gifts

I’m awaiting His mercy this morning
With His sweet, gentle grace by its side
I know that I’ll need them throughout this day
As I live out my everyday life

I try to walk worthy of His name
Always doing the best that I can
This flesh that I live in still wants to be free
To do things that are not in His plan

When I find myself stepping the wrong way
And I’m tempted to keep going there
His mercy steps in to turn me around
And His grace says forgiveness is here

When my words become hurtful to others
Because of my passion and pride
I turn to His grace to help me explain
That this battle is deep down inside
And that only by grace can I conquer
The pride that I have in my life
So I ask them for mercy whenever my words
Are raising their level of strife

When I stumble back into my old ways
And the urge to keep going is strong
His mercy and grace rush in like a flood
To keep me from going along
And if I insist I’ll go deeper
Back into my past life of sin
He reminds me His grace and His mercy
Are there when I want to return

Oh wonderful is His mercy
How amazing is His grace
He did on the cross
At such a great loss
To put these great gifts in place

I can always depend on His mercy
And His grace always covers me
He died for my sin
And then rose again
So I’d be with a Him eternally

Mercy and Grace are amazing
And they’re gifts that He gives away
Let me never forget
To do my best
To give mercy and grace every day

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