Words From My Savior

I open my eyes

And what do I see

My Blessed Savior

Looking at me


A smile on His face

His eyes open wide

He takes hold of my hand

And sits down at my side


“Hello Son” He says slowly

“I’ve so much to say

I want to guide you

Through all of your days.


I want to tell you

Of my wondrous plans

Drawn up I’m heaven

They’ll help you to stand


You see, trials will come

And sorrows you’ll know

These things are a part

Of what makes you grow


There’ll even be times

You’ll be sick or in pain

But what I allow

Is there for your gain


The problem that comes

And you don’t understand

Is that you think these things

Are not in my plan.


I implore you, my son

When you take time to.pray

That you also take time

To listen each day


So often you fill

Your prayers up with words

That you can’t hear me speaking

My soft, gentle words


In my words are your comfort

Your peace and your joy

So.please don’t miss out

Take time to enjoy


Then He got up and left

And the lesson was taken

When I.pray words don’t matter

It’s the listening that makes it

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