He Lifts Me

He lifts me
Out of fear into love
Out of doubt into faith
Out of sorrow into joy
Out of turmoil into peace
Out of despair into hope
Out of darkness into light
Out of defeat into victory
Out of pride into humility
Out of anxiety into patience
Out of selfishness into compassion
Out of ignorance into wisdom
Out of weakness into strength
Out of sin into righteousness
Out of bondage into freedom
Out of sickness into healing
Out of depression into optimism
Out of chaos into your plan
Out of being overcome into an overcomer
Out of the miry clay into His loving arms
Out of my will into your way
Out of my flesh into His Spirit
Out of this world into His Kingdom
Out of the lake of fire into eternal life

When Tomorrow Comes

Tomorrow is a day.

We stop to give our thanks

For all the things that bless our earthly lives

We gather with our loved ones

And eat a worthy feast

Remembering all the wonderfully good times


When we give our thanks for family

And those who eat with us

Will we also pray for those we know

Who a close one they have lost?


When we thank God for the meal we eat

So abundant and so good

Will we pray for those who have much less

And perhaps take them some food?


When we give thanks for all the things

That we have been blessed by

Will we pray for those in poverty

That a blessing they will find


When we give thanks to God above

For His salvation plan

Will we pray for those who don’t know Him

And give to them His plan?


When tomorrow comes it’s easy

To give our thanks to God

But this year let’s remember

That’s really not enough


Let’s lift our prayers for others

Who suffer through this day

Let’s lift our hands to help them

With aid along the way


Our blessings weren’t for us to hoard

And save up for some day

They were given so we can give

So let us find a way.


Yes, when tomorrow comes

Let the Golden Rule win out

We can change the world this way

By simple acts of love

A Song of Praise

I sing a song 
A song of praise
Unto the Lord today
With hands up raised 
My voice proclaims
The glory of His name


Prince of Peace 
Son of most high God 
King of Kings
Lord of Lords
Blessed Lamb of God


I pour out my heart to you Jesus 
My Spirit longs for your touch
I just cannot live without you 
I love you, oh so much


I lift up my hands to you Jesus
Surrendering all of my life
The words of my lips sing your praises
I worship you time after time


You are worthy of every word

Of praise that I can speak

How I long to be in your presence

It is you alone I seek


I sing a song 
A song of praise
Unto the Lord today
With hands up raised 
My voice proclaims
The glory of His name




Redeemer of mankind



Forever friend of mine


I will lift my song to you

A song of praise I bring

To give you thanks and worship you

This is my offering

What A Friend

What a friend, an awesome friend

He’s with me all my life

He promised He won’t leave me

Or forsake me for all time


We have in Jesus, wonderful Jesus

Came to earth, God’s only Son

Gave His life, His precious life

Now the victory has won


All our sins, every one

Are washed as white as snow

Now I walk free and complete

Each day He shows me how


And griefs to bear, h\He gives me peace

And joy has filled me heart

His blessings overwhelm me

They flow when day does start


What a privilege, an awesome right

Has mercy will always be

It’s amazing I can approach Him

King of Kings and Lord to me


To carry. bring to Him

As He’s seated on His throne

Up in heaven, ruling all

The universe is His alone


Everything, every little thing

All my worries and my doubts

When I give them all to Him

I can know He cares about


To God in prayer, heartfelt prayer

To the King of Kings on high

He hears every word I pray

And He answers in His time


Oh, what peace we often forfeit

There’s no need be distressed

When we call out to the Savior

He will always give His best
Oh, what needless pain we bear

There’s no need for suffering

When we cry in heart felt worship

He will come and mercy bring

All because we do not carry
Everything to God in prayer

I Hear His Name

I hear His name

His Mighty name

It thunders through the sky

The angel chorus

Sings His praise

Hosanna from on high


His name is Healer

With His power

He can heal all pains

Broken hearts

And wounded souls

Arise to live again


His name is Savior

From sins dead grasp

He brings us out of chains

Our sin is washed

As white as snow

He frees us from our shame


His name is Counselor

His word is truth

He guides me every day

His Holy Spirit

Teaches me

To follow in His ways


I hear His name

His Glorious name

His praise flows from my lips

I can’t contain

His mighty name

I long wo worship Him


His name is Jesus

Lord of Lords

And King of Kings is He

His mercy reaches

Down from heaven

And touches even me


His name is Jesus

Friend of mine

He’s always there for me

He lives within me

Every day

He gives me joy and peace

I sing His praise

I sing His name

I love to worship Him

I lift my voice

And lift my hands

With my praise offering


Worthy, worthy

Is the Lamb

Worthy of my praise

I will lift Him

Up today

And praise His mighty name

Merciful Savior

When I begin to think about

What Jesus did for me

I always must remember

The day He set me free


My sins were overwhelming

I couldn’t find my way

I tried so many other things

That just led me astray


But Jesus said He’d rescue me

From the depths of sin

I needed to escape my past

And find some peace within


Oh, what a merciful Savior

Oh, what grace divine

Jesus is my answer

Jesus now is mine


So I sat down and prayed a prayer

And asked Him in my heart

There was no doubt He touched me

As I felt Him from the start


From that day on He stayed with me

I grew in His embrace

And now I trust Him every day

To cover me with grace


My heart shouts out His praises

As I lift my voice in song

He’s all I ever needed

With Him I can’t go wrong


Oh, what a merciful Savior

Oh, what grace divine

Jesus is my answer

Jesus now is mine

God Only Wise

Shout to the Lord

Sing out His praise

He is magnificent

In all of His ways


Dance for the Lord

With a heart full of joy

He is Amazing

And, Oh so much more


He formed the earth

Divided the seas

Set up the sun

He created the trees

Brought up the beasts

And birds of the air

Then He made man

His image He shared

And when He was done

He said all was good

Creation was done

It is wonderful


Give to the Lord

All of your praise

Worship His holiness

Lift up His name


Raise up your hands

Lift up your eyes

He is exalted

God only wise


Came down from heaven

Gave up His throne

Suffered and beaten

Left all alone


Forgiving my sin

Washing it white

Filling my life

With His glorious light

Placed in the tomb

Sealed with a stone

Rose up to life

Will soon take me home

Taking my shame

My quilt and my fear

Filled me with peace

He dries every tear


I will rejoice

In Jesus my Lord

Day after day

He’s the one I adore


Forever and ever

I’ll praise His name

For He is worthy

Of all of my praise

I Was Ready to Quit

I was once steeped in sin

And I had no way out

I was ready to quit

And then I heard about

How Jesus had died

On a cross long ago

To pay off my debt

Wash my sins white as snow


Now my sins ancient history

And I’m free from my shame

I know that my life

Will not be the same

Maybe you need some

Relief in your life

Just cry out to Jesus

He’s right by your side.



In response to the daily prompt Ancient

The Greatest Victory

I’ve been waiting all day to write this

Fresh home from a visit to Doc’s

Now I can sit down and write it

Good news from the doctors report


I’ve been taking a med that brings trouble

Neuropathy bad in my feet

So the doctor is switching me off it

It’s a verdict that is oh so sweet


But  the greatest of victories I have

Is what I found in Jesus Christ

He paid all the debt for my sin

And gave me eternal life


So stop waiting for something better

Like a  very good doctors report

Today give your life to Jesus

His love will never fall short



In response to the daily prompt Waiting

Mercy Falls

Spring time showers bringing life

Raindrops splashing through the night

Storm clouds billow up so tall

Like the raindrops, mercy falls


Our great God is oh so wise

Mercy keeps us all alive

Through his endless, boundless love

He desires us all above


Winter cold is drawing near

North wind chill that you can hear

Snow is swirling in the air

Like the snowflake, mercy falls


Our great God the seasons made

This His promise does remain

Mercy is His promise too

It will come and rescue you


Mercy falls, oh praise His name

Mercy falls, our lives are changed

His great love reaches to all

Oh what joy when Mercy falls