The A.S.K. Principle

This poem was written in conjunction with my book of the same title.

When I’ve lost my direction
In this crazy old world
I’m reluctant to ask for some help
I think it’s a reflection
That I’m not self-assured
And it makes me feel very inept

But I can’t have this attitude
In my walk with the Lord
When I find I am losing my way
I will have more gratitude
If i look to His word
And find how He tells me to pray

He says first I must ask Him
When I’ve come to stray
Whether knowledge or wisdom I need
And He says that He’ll give
And show me the way
To find the next step in my plea

Next is to seek out
His will for my life
In the situation I’ve fallen in
Then I can figure out
The escape from my strife
And find the path destined to win

Last I must knock
At the door I come to
It shall open to me on its own
The door is unlocked
And it opens to view
The answer that He will make known

Now all that sounds simple
And easy to do
But there’s one trick you need to remember
The asking and seeking
And knocking you do
Must be done ’til you’re led to the answer

He always will lead to the answer
He always will answer your plea
It’s the waiting and watching that’s hard to do
So ask ’til your heart is set free
And seek ’til you see
And knock “til you reach the door.

No Longer Silent

Too often
I am too private
With my witness for Jesus Christ
I don’t share His message
Or speak of His love
Or pray for the sick
Or visit the ones in need

It’s time to go public
To be more upfront
To tell of His goodness and love
To pray when I see a need
To visit my neighbor
To offer help
No longer be silent
But bold in His witness
Uplifting the name of the Lord

In response to the daily prompt

Every Cry

There was a day when I was young
So many years ago
My wife would bear three children
Before I was to old
Before the time did come for birth
They said we should expect
A child would come no doubt to us
Their cry we would protect

Today I have a different task.
To pray for those in need
The word of God said pray in faith
Expect results to be
Help me have that faith dear Lord
My expectations high
That you will answer every prayer
And hear my every cry

In response to the daily prompt Expect

I Am Forgiven

I was happy
I had no regrets.
I had lived the way I wanted to
And no bad happened yet
But then I met a man who had more joy
Than I had ever seen
I knew I wanted some of that
So he told me where he’d been

I‘ve been forgiven
My sins are gone.
He bled and died to take away
All my guilt and shame
He stretched his arms out wide
On Calvary’s tree
That I might live

Well I was baffled
At what he said.
I never heard of a man and a tree
So I asked him to explain
Then he told me the story of Jesus
And my soul was filled with pain
I knew that I was heading wrong
And it was time for a change

So I knelt down
On my knees to pray:
Dear Jesus please forgive me
And help me find my way
I put my trust in you dear Lord
To guide me day by day
And then I knew down in my spirit
I would never be the same.

I am forgiven
My sins are gone.
He bled and died to take away
All my guilt and shame
He stretched his arms out wide
On Calvary’s tree
That I might live

If you kneel down
On your knees and pray
Dear Jesus please forgive my sins
And help me find my way
I put my trust in you dear Lord
To guide me day by day
Then He’ll come into your heart
And you will never be the same

You’ll be forgiven
You’ll be set free
He bled and died to take away
All your guilt and shame
He stretched His arms out wide
On Calvary’s tree
So you could live

A Better Way

I’d been a mess most of my life
From high school on I caused much strife
My mouth was harsh with nasty words
My actions full of devilish works

I ran into a childhood friend
Who told that my life could mend
He said that Jesus loved me so
I doubted all the words he spoke

I went to visit him one day
Convinced there was a better way
I bowed my head and softly prayed
Then suddenly by life was changed

If you are headed down a road
That seems to leave you with a load
Cast all your cares on Christ today
He’ll  show you that better way.



In response to the daily prompt Suddenly

The Day After Christmas

The day has quickly past
The gifts are all unwrapped
The wrappings have been swiftly thrown away
The Christmas feast is done
Guests have all gone home
Now you rest from such a busy day

Your mind goes drifting back
To the year that has just past
You write down all the wonderful events
Then you start to plan
For the year that is at hand
Hoping to achieve the very best

You start to make a list
Of thinks that you would wish
Would come true in the coming year
Perhaps this year would be
A good year to agree
A closer walk with God would be so dear

Take more time to pray
Read the word each day
Listen for the sound of His sweet voice
Help those who have needs
Be a friend indeed
Always strive to make the righteous choice

Tell God all your fears
Let Him dry your tears
He will fill your heart with His sweet peace
Bring your needs to Him
And you will always win
All your doubts and worry He’ll release

With these resolutions
We know that the conclusion
Will open up a year that’s full of life
So please take time to pray
That you would find a way
To have a closer walk with Jesus Christ

My Last Day

What if I knew
was my last day on earth
How would my day go

I’d wake up praying
for guidance from God
Who should I talk to Lord
Give me boldness Lord
Go before me
And touch them with your spirit Lord
Cause them to be ready
For my witness

Then I would break out
in praise
and worshp
Lifting His name
Thanking Him
for His mercy and grace
thanking Him fr preparing hearts
to hear my words
thanking Him for walking with me
giving me the words to say
and the spirit to say them

I would leave my house
and go business to business
His sacrifice
His salvation
to all I see
Compelling them
to enter the Kingdom of God

I would go door to door
pleading with them
to give their lives to Him

At the end of the day
I would be with my wife
loving her
consoling her
assuring her
That we will see each other

I would sleep

I need to make that day


In the morning I put in my contacts
When I look up they need to align
I take a quick wink
Then hurry a blink
And finally my focus arrives

My phone has a nice built in camera
That I use rather sparingly
My hand has a shake
Like a mild earthquake
The focus just won’t quite agree

There are times my mind wanders from reason
I just can’t seem to focus on God
I’ve succumbed to sin
Or I’ve struggled within
I have walked off the path of the Lord

When a finally realize what’s happened
I need to repent of my ways
Just bow my head down
Kneel in prayer on the ground
Asking God to forgive my disgrace

He is faithful and just to forgive me
He’ll restore me to His righteous side
His joy and His peace
Will put me at ease
As my focus in Him does abide