Raised Up

A widows son had died and left her all alone 
The funeral proceeded and a crowd gathered around
Jesus walked by as the people wailed and wept
With compassion He raised that young boy back to life again

A ruler of the templd had a daughter who was dead
The doctors had ann9unced it and all the people wept
But Jesus walked into her room and took her by the hand
Rise up on your feet my child, you're alive again

They were raised up!
From the dead, they were raised up
When Jesus comes around
New life will abound
So set your eyes on Him and be raised up!

Lazarus had died,  three days was in the grave
Jesus came a calling, lifted up His voice and prayed
The stone was rolled away and
Lazarus came out
I'm sure he praised the Lord and lifted up a shout

He'll raise you up from the depths of sin
New life will be yours, Victor within 
Come to Him today, fall upon His grace 
Be raised up!  Be raised up

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