The Feast

Come to the feast prepared for you
Come to the feast He calls to you
The table is spread with wonders brand new
Come to the feast prepared for you

It's a feast if grace, new everyday 
A feast or grace for you to share
Don't keep this grace all to yourself 
Give freely to those in heed of help

It's a feast of mercy poured out to you
Mercy that will bring you through
Take and eat of His mercy free
Than give to others as He gave to thee

It's a feast that fills you up with peace
A peace that calms your troubled seas
Spread this peace throughout your world
This feast of peace comes through your words

It's a feast of joy, unspeakably there 
Joy you can take with you anywhere 
This world needs such joy every day
Take it and share it in all your ways 

It's a feast of hope for those who are lost 
They all need to know that He paid the cost 
The hope He can bring to a restless soul
Is enough to help them not mot feel alone

It's a feast of love poured out for all
When He spread out His arms on that cross eead
Providing a way for salvation to come
Preparing this feast for everyone

Come to the feast.  Fill yourself up
Then take it to others.  There's more than enough
This feast has been spread for all to enjoy
He only needs you to open the door

The door to the feast goes through the cross 
He stands at the door and continues to knock
Open the door.  Let the Savior in
Come to the feast as you let Jesus in

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