I Can’t Imagine

I can’t imagine what went through the shepherd’s mind that night
When the angel of the Lord appeared, bringing brilliant light
I can’t imagine what they heard when those angels start to sing
Peace on earth and Hallelujah, glory to the newborn king

I can’t imagine what the wisemen thought from distance far
When they looked up in the sky and saw that brilliant star
I can’t imagine as they journeyed to a foreign land
To see the King of Kings as the prophecy had said

I can’t imagine Joseph’s thoughts a Mary was in pain
Bringing forth the baby that would be the great I AM
I can’t imagine Mary holding Jesus as a babe
And singing lullaby’s to Him as He lay in the hay

I can’t imagine Jesus before the Father on that day
Saying I will go to earth and become a little babe
I can’t imagine walking with Him as He taught the crowds
And being there when he scolded all the Pharisees aloud

I can’t imagine all the pain he felt that fateful night
As they beat Him and they whipped Him into a frightful sight
I can’t imagine seeing Him just hanging on a cross
I probably would think that this is such a loss

I can’t imagine when one day I’ll see Him in the clouds
As He returns to take us home and give to us our crowns
I can’t imagine what a time that we will have in heaven
Praising Him and joining saints forever and forever.

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