The Believers Life

The Only Way

I find it funny that some people think
That all we have is life on earth
And others think we will come back in some form
So that our life will have more worth

Still others think they must do good deeds to earn
A place in the heavens above
And others think all have been rescued from hell
Whatever they do is enough

It seems so bizarre to me
That Jesus died on a tree
So that all of us could be free
If we did not have a choice

If God would save everyone
Then why would He send His son
Why not just have it be done
By the sound of His mighty voice

After all the whole world was made
By His voice in just 6 days
Couldn’t He make us all saved
So we could all rejoice

When you think about what God has done for us
And how He has showed us His grace
Than you’ll know that accepting His Son as our Lord
Is truly the only way

In response to the daily prompt

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