The Believers Life

The Latter Rain

I live In rural Iowa where corn and soybeans rule
Our rainy spell is over and now it has turned cool
The harvest lingers way behind and must get done real soon
Because we are the breadbasket for many in this world

But my eyes look for something else when I think of the rain
The former rain is good for life on earth as it sustains
But I look for the latter times of Holy Spirit rain
To come and fill our souls and bring us back to God again

It seems our country’s lost it’s soul to morals that do lack
And people all around us seem to fall much further back
They know longer recognize when Satan is in full attack
They just go with the flow and fall into his world of slack

It’s time the church rise up and call upon the latter rain
To overcome the enemy and raise up Christ again
He said if he were lifted up he’d draw to Him all men
Come on church pray with all your might that Jesus Christ will reign

In response to the daily prompt

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