The Nature of our Soul

Some say that they will be fine in the end
That Jesus saved us all that fateful day
The sacrifice was made
On Him our sins were laid
And now we can go on our merry way

There’s an element of truth in what they say
Jesus did atone for all our sins that day
But still you must repent
Of a life that has been spent
With the sin stain of the past still in place

You see it’s not the sin that we all see
That is critical to rid from this body
It’s the nature of our soul
That keeps us from being whole
It’s been there since the beginning of all time

This natural sin is deep within your heart
And there is only one way it departs
Confess that you have sinned
Repent and ask Him in
Take a personal step to Jesus Christ our Lord

In response to the daily prompt

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