The Believers Walk

What is Life?

What is life
Why are we here on this earth
An earth filled with strife
An earth filled with fear

What should we do
With this life we’ve been given
With all we’ve been through
While we’ve been living

I cannot answer for you my friend
But I know the answer I found
The definition of why I am here
Is to tell of my Saviors love

When I was lost He called to me
He loved me even in my lost estate
He died on a cross a long time ago
That from my despair I could escape

My life is now centered on Him
I must tell you all that He died for you
There’s no one that He cannot save from their sin
Won’t you accept His great love for you

Cry out to Jesus forgive me my Lord
I give you my sin please save me today
He’ll gather you up in His loving arms
You’ll be His child for all of your days

In response to the daily prompt

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