What Glorious Things

If i could see the future what would my eyes perceive
I’d likely see much more than my mind could now conceive
If i could know what’s planned for all of us who do believe
What glorious things I’d witness on that day

I’d see a band of elders gathered round the throne of God
Cherubim and Seraphim would fill the sky aloft
Singing holy holy holy with their voices sounding loud
What glorious songs I’d sing with them that day

I’d see the Lamb of God who gave His life to save my soul
He’s the only one that’s worthy to open heavens scrolls
The worship choir praises Him and loud hosannas roll
What glorious things I’d hear them sing that day

I’d see the vials and the scrolls pronounce the wrath of God
I’d hear the trumpets sound aloud from angels in the clouds
I’d see the beast be lifted up and worshipped from the crowd
What glorious truth I’d know He’d do that day

I’d see Him riding a white horse His countenance so bright
He’s leading heaven’s army to a victory in the fight
I’d see the supper of the lamb prepared for birds of prey
What a glorious triumph I would see that day

I’d see the lake of fire and the beast be thrown within
I’d smell brimstone and ashes as he plunged to death from sin
I’d see the saints of God whose name the book contains
What glorious things He’d have for us that day

I’d see the new Jerusalem descending from above
I’d see the streets of gold and gates of pearl be opened up
I’d see the healing of the lands because of His great love
What glorious things await us on that day

Most of all I’d see my Savior Lamb of God is He
I’d see the one who came to earth and gave His life for me
I know these visions are the way the future’s meant to be
What glorious things He has in store that day

If you don’t know my Jesus and haven’t made Him Lord
The time is now my friend He should not be ignored
Cry out to Him for mercy he will here your cry and more
What glorious things your life will know that day


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