Show Me

Show me your mercy
Abounding to me
Show me the grace
That set me free

Show me the peace
That calms the storm
Show me your joy
Increasingly more

Show me the hope
That endures forever
Show me your love
That fails me never

Show me deliverance
Break every chain
Show me salvation
All over again

Show me your healing
Wipe out my pain
Show me the freedom
That in you I gain

Show me your Spirit
Who guides me each day
Show me the Shephard
Who prepares my way

Show me the cross
Where you bled and died
Show me the glory
That you sacrificed
Show me the throne
Where you reign on high
Please show me Jesus
And I’ll testify

I’ll testify of His great love for me
I’ll testify how He set me free
I’ll testify of all he has done
I’ll show them Jesus one by one


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