Mercy Paintings

I saw the sunset painting hanging in the air so high
So I asked my painter neighbor why he hung it in the sky
He said is was not him who put that painting where it lie
It must have been another one’s surprise

So I asked around the art museum who might be the one
Who hung their painting in the sky when they thought it was done
When I walked back out to see the sight I noticed what had come
A new painting was shining like the sun

Now I was quite perplexed another painting had appeared
Then I noticed that it changed again and I broke down tears
I realized that no earthly one could paint such brilliance here
That God was sending me a message clear

Every moment mercy comes into my life to stay
Just like the brilliant sunset it’s faithful every day
And no one does provide it like the master in His way
I take it so for granted as it fades

From now on I will recognize His mercies all brand new
From the brilliance of a sunrise to the wet of grassy dew
From the singing birds that greet the sun rising with its hue
His mercies do abound for me and you

And when I see the mercy paintings hanging in the sky
There will no longer be a question why it hangs so high
I will know that God does show His love and that He’s always nigh
Then I will l lift His name with praises high

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