The storm gathers
The thunder roars
Lightning fills the sky
The wind billows
The air is humid
Amazement fills my eyes

I can see the signs of a thunderstorm
As it travels from afar
I know enough to find shelter
To protect me from its harm

The wars are raging
The earth is groaning
The weather changes fast
The people fighting
The darkness gaining
His time has come at last

These are the signs of His coming
You can see them bright and clear
He’ll soon part the Eastern sky
And meet us in the air

One day the trump will sound
All the saved shall fly away
If you don’t know the Savior
Repent and be saved today

3 thoughts on “Signs

    1. Pete Post author

      I love a good thunderstorm! I was out walking early this morning and the Lord gave me this as i heard and saw the storms approaching. Fortunately i got home before the rain started!



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