Ode to God’s Plan for Our Marriage

I’ve been thinking of God’s mercy
And His wondrous love for me
He was with me in my mother’s womb
Forming my head
My hands
My feet
My mind
My heart
Knowing that I would follow Him in my youth
Knowing that I would wander far away
In my teens and early twenties
Knowing that i would repent
And accept the amazing gift of His Son
And eternal life
In my mid-twenties
He formed my would -be wife when I was eight
He nurtured her in her youth knowing one day we would be together
Knowing exactly who she needed to be to deal with me
When I was twenty-six we met and were wed
Forty years later she is still my helpmate
My soulmate
My partner in worship
My everything along with Christ my Lord
What a Savior I have
What an awesome God I Serve
Who would prepare my bride so perfectly
To put up with a mess like me.
I praise Him
For we were both fearfully and wonderfully made
I write songs and hardly play
I do not write music
She plays by ear and can follow my voice
She does not need the music.
How awesome is my God
To prepare our way before us
For the ministry He has given each of us
What grace
What mercy
What love
Does my God have for us
I will praise Him
I will worship Him
I will adore Him
All the days of my life.

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