I Can Be A Ding-Dong

I’m pretty bad about
Trying to figure out
What other’s are thinking about
Usually I am wrong
And it doesn’t take too long
For me to feel like a ding-dong

But that’s what can happen
When we make an assumption
It’s not a wise thing to do
Because all of us know
I don’t have to show
To assume makes a donkey out of you

So never say you know
Where someone will go
Just because there life isn’t like yours
They may know the Savior
And be headed to heaven
But we think they’re bound for hell’s doors




In response to the daily prompt Assumption

7 thoughts on “I Can Be A Ding-Dong

    1. Pete Post author

      Yes, it is safe to say that, for sure. We usually have no idea what God is going to do in their lives through those trials


  1. jawhite04

    I’m not sure how I happened onto your blog…God works in ways we don’t understand but definitely not a coincidence. I was re-reading my post on a set of chairs I just finished while emotionally battling my mom’s AML diagnosis. While her time is limited (as all of ours is) so much glory has come out of this trial. Thank you for sharing your story with me today…a definite highlight and reminder of how amazing God is.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pete Post author

      So glad you stopped by! I hope you’ll come back often. The poems God gives me always uplift and edify. He is so good to us


  2. Sheryl

    I am starting a new daily prompt tomorrow. Its new and will improve in time. Stop by and share your post with others at onedailyprompt.wordpress.com



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