Defeating Every Enemy

The gladiator stands his ground
Defeating all who come around
He roars a valiant vict’ry sound
The champion of all

The colosseum stands and cheers
The gladiator proudly hears
He pounds his chest and shows no fear
He stands both proud and tall

There was one man who came before
The gladiator took the floor
He came to open different doors
A meek and mild man

The crowd did cheer to have him die
They shouted out to crucify
The devil laughed an evil cry
And made his final stand

He struck the man with whips of stone
The bruises bashed right to the bone
A crown of thorns denounced his throne
He gave himself away

Up on a cross them hung him high
Nails in His hands and feet applied
A spear pierced through his fleshly thigh
He spoke that he forgave

They laid him in a borrowed tomb
The sealed it shut with stone of doom
The guards did watch all night of gloom
To ensure no escape

But when the stone did roll away
He rose again a victor great
The greatest champion was raised
From death He had escaped

Alive forevermore is He
Defeating every enemy
Providing grace and His mercy
To all who trust in Him

To all who would just call His name
Jesus will come and freedom claim
For you today, just give Him Praise
For in Him we all win

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