He is high and lifted up
Higher than the rooftops
They adorn my dwelling places
Where He protects me and shelters me
They protect me from rain and snow
They keep out the cold and heat
Higher than the treetops
Through which the wind gently blows
Rustling the leaves in symphony
Providing accompaniment to the singing birds
Letting us know He is near
So close, moving all the time
Their limbs reaching up to the light
Reaching up to the heavens in praise to Him
Higher than the mountains
Majestic and beautiful
Rising so elegantly to the skies
Reigning over all the earth in size and strength
Unmovable and unshakable
Higher than clouds
Roaming over the earth as the Spirit moves
Providing shade and beauty
Brining the former and latter rain
Clapping with thunder and bursting with lighting
Coming in on the wind
Ever changing their shape and size
Ever bringing new delights
Higher than the stars
Displaying the glory of God
Lighting up the heavens eternally
Giving us direction and stability
Beyond all we can see or imagine
Beyond what our minds can grasp
He looks down at the stars
He looks down over the mountains
He looks down through the clouds
He looks down past the treetops
He looks down past the rooftop of my house
And He lifts me up


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