Finding Peace

I used to look to drugs, booze and sex
To fill up the longing within my chest
Something was needed that just wasn’t there
When I could not find peace, I’d cry and I’d swear

I tried different church that thought they could help
One by one the fell short and I would just yell
Maybe someday a spiritual psychic would come
That could conjure up something so I wasn’t numb

I took a trip to Iowa one day
My friend took my hand said His church knew the way
I went and the speaker spewed brimstone and fire
I knew I was destined where I did not desire

Later that week I met Jesus Christ
He bought my sin and gave me new life
Now that peace I was seeking had flooded my soul
No longer did I feel left out in the cold

If you’re having trouble finding that peace
And you’ve tried to conjure some kind of release
Ask Jesus to help you and you will soon see
His love will fill you and set you free


In response to the daily prompt Conjure

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