You say you can’t find rest
That there’s too much going on
Your brain just can’t turn off the thoughts inside
You say you can’t find joy
That this world is such a mess
The terrors are what causes you to hide

You say you can’t find hope
Because things just spin round and round
There seems to be no future up ahead
You say you can’t find love
In this crazy mixed up world
So you stay inside the safety of your head

I can sympathize with you
Because I’ve been there before
It is not a very fun place to live
One day I turned a corner
Everything became all right
I knew that surely now I would survive

You see, I met Jesus
I asked Him to save me
I asked Him to be Lord of my life
Now all the world’s distractions
Can’t phase me in the least
He’s given more than I could buy

Peace in every storm
Joy in every sorrow
Hope when all the hope escapes me
Love that’s everlasting
Mercy for all time
Grace so amazing and so free

You can know this Jesus
He can do the same for you
Just open up your heart and let Him in
You never will regret it
He’ll be there every day
To brighten up the new life you begin


In response to the daily prompt Sympathize

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