Up and Down

I’m learning the piano
One lesson at a time
It seems my fingers do not move
As fast as I would like

One lesson that I’m good at
Is one they call a trill
My fingers travel up and down
Like hiking on a hill

I find that life is like that
It takes us up and down
Our journeys may be diff’rent
We walk on diff’rent ground

If your life seems uncertain
And you want to start anew
Just give your life to Jesus
He gave His life for you

Ask Him for forgiveness
To be your Lord today
He’ll come and walk beside you
Forever and always


In response to the daily prompt Trill

7 thoughts on “Up and Down

    1. Pete Post author

      Thanks Megha! That’s what is fun about these daily prompts.. I try to bring it back to a life lesson every time. Keep reading and be blessed!



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