Turn to Jesus

If you’re struggling today
And you don’t know where to turn
Turn to Jesus

If you’re lost along the way
And it’s hard to understand
Turn to Jesus

He will guide you and protect you
He will light your way
He will set your feet on solid ground
If you’re wandering through life
And you think there’s no return
Turn to Jesus

If you’re sick and in despair
And you have no place to go
Turn to Jesus

If it seems your life’s a wreck
And you just can’t get it right
Turn to Jesus

He will heal your broken body
He’ll restore you’re wounded heart
He will make you feel brand new again
If you’re wandering through life
And you think there’s no return
Turn to Jesus

He is the way when there is no way
He is the truth when you doubt
He is the light when the darkness comes
He is the only way out

If you’re looking for the answer
To the questions in your life
If you’re ready to surrender
All your sin and shame and strife
If your heart is truly broken
If your words are faintly spoken
If you have just one last prayer
Turn to Jesus

4 thoughts on “Turn to Jesus

  1. I Can Fly

    Mr Pete; because I so totally respect your writing and musings, I turn to you with a question of consequence. As I am trying to consequent my life to our Blessed Mother; I run into many possible pitfalls. If I go to Mary; so she can purify my prayers and petitions before bringing them to her Son as her petetions; i seem to not be having as close a relationship as i am accustomed to. This in itself is distressing. And, if a total consecration to our Mother means we should offer all our sufferings, works, and alms, and prayers as nothing for our self, totally dead to self and flesh, and all for Mary’s intentions and Her graces to be gifted as she desires. Well, then our prayer life to the Trinity really decreases. Now given, we go to Mary to get closer to our Lord, and Mary is always inline totally with her Son, so all is well that ends well. But really, I worry about my prayer life to our Lord. I an rambling. Ill stop while i am ahead.

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    1. Pete Post author

      My friend, I am not of the Catholic faith, so you ask the wrong person about prayers to Mary. I take all of my petitions to Jesus, my Lord. If you seek guidance about the Catholic faith, I would suggest you discuss it with SR or Patrick. I can’t right off hand remember what their blogs are called but I believe I’ve seen you leave comments for SR in the past.

      I am currently doing a study on prayer on my other blog. http://Www.psalmistpetegardner.com

      Perhaps you’d like to follow that discussion. It is from this Pentecostal preachers perspective, so there will be no help in how to pray to Mary, but the concept of what prayer is and what it entails will be looked at in depth.

      I know i have been of little help. All I can say is that if you feel distant from the Lord, read the Psalms. The writer often felt distant, but always continues to praise the Lord. That is how we draw closer to Him.

      Be blessed, and may God make Himself real to you once again, and may you find yourself closer than ever before.

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      1. I Can Fly

        Psalms, yes my New Years Rez was to read every morning before work. I always start with 148
        So you ever so much for your response. Perhaps I mistated one fact. We ask Mary to pray for us to her Son; much the same as I would ask you, Patrick or SR to pray for me. And I shall pray for you as your words continue to inspire good will to all.

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