Far Off

Far off

Past the fields filled with snow

and dirt

and the residue from the harvest

Past the river

winding through the countryside

seemingly aimlessly

Past the tree lined river bed

that marks it’s path

through the fields

Past the small town

just east of here

small and quaint

nestled in the quiet earth

still asleep

There is where I see beauty

Streaming rays of beginning dawn

show on the horizon

clouds gilded with gold

others shimmering red



As I watch the splendor

I am aware

acutely aware

God has graced me with one more day




In response to the daily prompt Horizon

3 thoughts on “Far Off

  1. lynnabbottstudios

    Oh…oooh, ahh… I so wish I could paint the word pictures that you do through your poetry…this is incredible. If I could, I would bottle this one up and drink it for refreshment throughout the day. This presents a spectacularly beautiful scene… I am there… gazing into the distance, and absorbing/breathing in the rich palette and sounds of a new day. Thank you. My absolute fave so far!

    Liked by 1 person


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