8 thoughts on “Blesses Holy Spirit music video

  1. Daily Thankful

    Wonderful, Pete! What a ministry the Lord has given you that brings glory to Him.

    Have you ever consider publishing a songbook? (A collection of your songs lyrics, with tbe accompanying sheet music) I believe that these psalms can be shared and enjoyed throughout the body of Christ – near and far! ✝️💛

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    1. Pete Post author

      I have considered that, but I need someone to do ore of the annotation, I have annotation software, and it takes a long time to do one song. I don’t play near well enough to feed my laying directly into the software, so have to put the notes in manually. I also have a friend who will help me get the four parts in there, but it takes ages to do that. I could do one with just melody, but again, it can take 2-3 hours per song for just the melody, so a whole book would be quite a time constraining event.

      I do appreciate you thoughtfulness in mentioning this. If I could find a method to do it, I would be thrilled. I know God has a greater purpose for the 100’s of songs He has given me. I just need to get them into the right hands.

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      1. Daily Thankful

        I had no idea that so much work was involved in putting your music onto paper! Well, if this is what God‘s will is for you and your ministry, then He will show the way. In the interim, know that many are already being blessed by your songs, Pete. 🙂

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  2. SR

    Beautiful Pete, from a man with a beautiful heart and soul. You know from reading these other comments I do so believe “publishing” is coming down the road!

    God has given to you so many wonderful gifts to bless us all with. You do it so well! God Bless, SR

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