Ponder These Things

Lord of the Heavens

Seated on the right hand of God

Four and twenty elders worshipping

Sing glory and honor and power and might

To the King of Kings and Lord of Lords

Exalted above all others

Since the beginning of time

Glorious and majestic

Full of awe and wonder

All things created by Him

All things created for Him

Beautiful beyond description

More precious than silver or gold

Merciful and gracious

Longsuffering and full of goodness

Worthy of all praise

Son of the most high God

Holy is He

King of heaven and earth

Left His heavenly place

Left the splendor and the glory

Left the right hand of God

Left His Father

Left His power and authority

Left His throne

To come to this earth

Disrobed of His glory

Clothed in rags

A baby in a manger

No honor bestowed Him

No welcome of royalty

But animals in the stable

A star announcing His birth

Brightly shines above the city

Wise men from afar witness the star

They start their journey

Angels announcing His birth to shepherds

Not to kings

Sing glory to God in the Highest

Say the Savior, Christ the Lord, has come

As a babe in as manger

Beckon the shepherds to go and see

They come and tell Mary their tale

And bow before the King of Kings

Little baby in the hay

Mary ponders these things in her heart

We should so ponder these things

His humility

His love

His sacrifice

All for us

All for you

All for me

5 thoughts on “Ponder These Things

  1. Scott

    I’m still grappling with all for me. I know He loves us all, but me. When people say if I was the only person on earth He still would have done it, it is very hard to believe. “Jesus increase my faith.”

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    1. Pete Post author

      I can’t say that I blame you on that one. There is nowhere in the bible that says Jesus would have come if there would be just one person. The only thing we can go by is when Abraham begged for Lots life (Gen 18:16-33). In that case, God rescued Lot out of Sodom just in time, But his wife and kids were there as well. I think God would have rescued just Lot, therefor I think He would have come for just me. But that;s the way I see it.

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