His Healing Touch

Oh, what a glorious Savior we have
He touches in so many ways
Not just those in His day
But today
In my life
He gave His healing touch

He opened the eyes of the blind
By His touch and by His word
He opens my blind eyes
Letting His light
Show me His truth

He opened the ears of the deaf
They could finally hear the sounds
He opens my deaf ears
He asks me to listen
To His still, small voice

He loosened the tongue of the dumb
Finally they could speak
He tames my wayward tongue
He asks me to speak His truth
To all that I may see

He made the lame to walk
When they had been laid up long
He asks me to walk in the spirit
Not according to my flesh
To be a witness for Him

He cast out the demons of some
Freeing them from their chains
He delivers me from sin
Cleansing my soul
As I confess my wary ways

He removed the leper’s spots
Making them whole again
He cleans me from inside out
My mind is transformed
My spirit made whole

He raised the dead to life
Death had no hold on them
He quickens my soul to new life
A life that grows within
Working its way out

He wants to touch you too
To do all these things
In your life
Let Him give you
His healing touch

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