If You Could, Would You?

If you could walk up to a bind man
And pray that he would see
Then watch as his eyes opened
Would you?

If you could touch a deafened ear
And proclaim that he could hear
And watch as he rejoiced
Would you?

If you could look up at a storm cloud
And ask it to change course
Then watch as blue skies opened
Would you?

If you could see the homeless hurting
And give them food to eat
Then watch as they gained favor
Would you?

Well, you can
In Jesus mighty name
You can
All these things are possible
With faith
Step out of your comfort zone
And pray
That they be saved
And healed today

If your finances were hurting
Your desire was to give
To a needy missionary
Would you?

If someone asked for prayer
When you met them on a street
And you said you’d pray for them
Would you?

If a friend offended you
Very deeply in your heart
And asked you to forgive
Would you?

Well, you should
Trusting God each moment
You should
All these things are needful
For your peace
Don’t delay one moment
Follow through
So that God will bless you
And bless those around you
With His love

2 thoughts on “If You Could, Would You?

    1. Pete Post author

      Forgiveness is the hardest thing, and also the most necessary. Thanks for your comment. We have the ability, in Christ, to do so much more than we are doing. I need to rse up in my spirit, and the church needs to rise up in this day, to share the love of Christ. That is what will change the world!

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