Now That I Know

There was a time
When I knew not
What Jesus did for me
I hadn’t heard
About His love
Or death on Calvary

I didn’t know
His sacrifice
Was given in my place
I hadn’t heard
Of His mercy
Or His amazing  grace

But now that I know I’ll praise Him
From the dawn ’til setting sun
I’ll lift my voice and hands up high
For all that He has done

I’ll praise Him for His goodness
I’ll praise Him for His love
I’ll praise Him for the mansion
He has built for me above

Now that I know
What Jesus did
To set me free from sin
Others must hear
About His love
And all He’s done for them

I’ll let them know
The price He paid
That He died to set them free
I’ll share the word
And testify
The He would die for me

I will worship Him on high
And I will praise His name
I’ll tell the world of His great love
I’ll tell them how I’ve changed

And when I gt the chance to pray
For someone to be saved
I’ll celebrate with the heav’nly host
And lift His name in praise

Oh, glory to the Son of God
Glory to His name
His love has saved us all from sin
I’ll lift my voice in praise

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