My Way Back

I saw the old man
walk into church that Sunday morn
His clothes were tattered
his skin was worn
I could smell the hardness of life
Three pews away
And I was ready to move
when I heard him pray

I’ve got to find my way back to you
I’ve drifted too far away
Not sure how far I’ve strayed
I’ve got to find my way back to you
Please keep shining your light
into this night
that I’m going thru
He sat alone

no one dared to come near
The music started
he bowed his head
I could see the tears
were running down his face
As we sang Amazing Grace
he looked up and prayed

Dear God
I’m not sure what I need to do
My life is such a big mess
I can’t find any rest
Dear God
please show me what I need to do
To get turned around
and be grounded in you again

I could feel the tears
start running from my eyes
And while the music played on
I moved to his side
I said friend
the Lord has heard your cry
Would you come with me right now
I will help you find your way

As the music
played just as I am
We knelt down
bowed our heads
closed our eyes
and he started to pray

Father forgive me
for the wrongs I have done
I give you my life
I’ll follow your Son
I promise my life
will be yours from now on
Dear Jesus
thank you for my friend

Then he took my hand
and gave a gentle squeeze
A smile as big as heaven
broke his weary, worn face
I know that he’d met Jesus
and I looked up in praise

Lord I thank you
for showing us the way
When we get lost on the path
you keep drawing us back
Lord I thank you
for this new-found friend
Yes he found his way back
all the way back to you


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