You’ll Find Him Near

I was walking down the street
In Bethlehem one day
There were crowds of people all around
And I found no place to stay
I walked a little further
To find a place to lay
And what did I discover
But a baby in some hay

The mother was so happy
The father was in awe
Then shepherds came and worshiped
And I just sat and thought
Who is this little child
That Shepherds came and saw
I asked them why they came
And their story hit me hard

They said they saw an Angel
And He said they should not fear
That a child had  been born
The Messian had appeared
And then a band of Angels
They sang  be of good cheer
Go and greet the child
You will find Him really near

When I heard their story
I bowed my head ad prayed
If this is the Messiah
I had to change my ways
I knew that  He was coming soon
And He will come to save
So I prayed for Him to touch me
When He grew in power and grace

He’s coming back again my  friend
And it could be any day
If you have not accepted Him
Be sure your not too late
Ask Him in your heart today
A simple prayer’s the only way
And He will wash your sins away
Be born again  today



In response to the daily prompt Discover

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