It’s All About Your Heart

I watch the news each morning

And what do I often see

Our cullture seems to be amidst a change

So many feel their slighted

And the balance is not fair

They think the way their treated is quite strange


I have news for each of them

Who feel entitlement

To have their own way be the way of life

It wonlt make any difference

What laws are put in placed

Unless you work to make your heart just right


The only way to change a heart

Is to give yourself to God

Let Him repair that broken heart with love

Jesus died uopn that cross

To take your sin away

You will find His grace is quite enough


So stop the demonstrations

And the murders and the hate

Let’s bring out culture back to moral ground

The heart is all that needs to change

To make our country great again

Today’s the day to let His love abound





In response to the daily prompt Culture

2 thoughts on “It’s All About Your Heart

    1. Pete Post author

      Thanks for your comment. All I know is the changes I’ve seen in my 64 years here on Earth are incredible. The culture has definitely going downhill in my opinion during that time. Is nothing I would like more then to see it rise again to a higher moral ground

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