What A Friend

What a friend, an awesome friend

He’s with me all my life

He promised He won’t leave me

Or forsake me for all time


We have in Jesus, wonderful Jesus

Came to earth, God’s only Son

Gave His life, His precious life

Now the victory has won


All our sins, every one

Are washed as white as snow

Now I walk free and complete

Each day He shows me how


And griefs to bear, He gives me peace

And joy has filled me heart

His blessings overwhelm me

They flow when day does start


What a privilege, an awesome right

Has mercy will always be

It’s amazing I can approach Him

King of Kings and Lord to me


To carry. bring to Him

As He’s seated on His throne

Up in heaven, ruling all

The universe is His alone


Everything, every little thing

All my worries and my doubts

When I give them all to Him

I can know He cares about


To God in prayer, heartfelt prayer

To the King of Kings on high

He hears every word I pray

And He answers in His time


Oh, what peace we often forfeit

There’s no need be distressed

When we call out to the Savior

He will always give His best
Oh, what needless pain we bear

There’s no need for suffering

When we cry in heart felt worship

He will come and mercy bring

All because we do not carry
Everything to God in prayer

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