My Refuge That Lasts

I’m tired of the doubt that’s within me

That is welling up deep down inside

I want to have faith like a mustard seed

So I’ll know that this pain will subside


I’m tired of feeling this weakness

That my treatments have brought about

I want to have strength like an eagle

So I can His praises shout


I’m tired of being all cooped up

Inside my nice little home

I want to get out and be strong again

So once again I can roam


But I trust the Lord in all things

And I know He will bring me through

Right now the low point of my life

But soon He will miracles do


Until that day I’m delivered

From the weakness I currently have

I still will not cease to praise Him

For He is my refuge that lasts


So I will sing Hallelujah

Praise God from the depths of my heart

He is my Lord forever

From Him I will never depart


Oh what a wonderful Savior

He’s always right here with me

Oh what an awesome creator

He supplies all of my needs


I’ll always trust in His mercy

I’ll always lean on His grace

Until that wonderful, glorious day

That look upon His face.

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