Fruit of the Spirit

His love is the life blood
That fills up my veins
It is through this great love
That His fruit remains

His joy overwhelms me
It’s unspeakable
My heart bubbles up
Like an overflowed well

His peace calms my thoughts
And drives out my fear
It passes my knowledge
And dries every tear

The patience He gives me
Through trials and tests
Helps me to witness
To all of the rest

The gentleness He gives
Softens my speech
It helps me to reach more
When others I teach

The goodness He puts in
My oft evil heart
Helps me touch others
Who may have it hard

The faith that He grows
By His marvelous word
Gives me the courage
To stand and be heard

His meekness brings awe
And humility
It beats down my pride
And helps me to see

And finally temperance
Keeps me in line
So I don’t indulge
Too much at a time

The fruit of the spirit
I love them so dear
They keep me in line
As I travel this earth


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