Nature’s Praise

As I wake up in the morning

And the sun is breaking through

I sit in awesome wonder

At the good things that you do


You fill the air with sunshine

You bring the evening rain

You light the stars at night

And then you bring the sun again


You start the birds a chirping

In the early morning light

And as sunset rolls along

You give them sleep into the night


The animals all trust you

To provide their daily care

They go about their daily tasks

And know you’re always there


The trees uplift their branches

In praises unto you

They know their source of life

And they give praise where it’s due


All of His creation

Is a song of simple praise

I think I’ll try to be the same

When I proclaim His name


No more murmuring or whining

No more wishing there was more

No more wondering if He hears me

No more doubting His dear word

No more thinking it is my time

No more sulking in my woes

No more worries in my trials

No more angry at my foes


If nature can just praise Him

For the good things that He gives

Why should I be any different

In the praise that I uplift

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