Forever Yours

I bow to you Lord Jesus

You are my sovereign King

You gave your life to set me free

I owe you everything

I offer up my worship

I offer up my praise

I’ll follow you with all my heart

The rest of my days


You gave to me your mercy

And wiped away my past

Gone were all the wrongs I’d done

Your love was mine at last

Your joy replaced my sadness

Your peace replaced my fears

I can’t repay the debt I owe

Forever I am yours


You offered me your grace

So amazing and so free

Once I asked you for forgiveness

You did so willingly

You gave to me a new life

Now heaven is my hope

I’m so in awe of what you’ve done

My heart is now your home


Oh the wondrous love of Jesus

Came to earth to die alone

He our Savior gave His own life

Now He claims us as His own

Full of blessings freely given

Has a plan to prosper me

How can I refuse to praise Him

When His child I’ll always be


Praise the mighty name of Jesus

All the earth will bow to Him

Lift His name in solemn worship

Give your life and offering

Praise the wondrous name of Jesus

Lift Him high in joyous song

He is worthy of our worship

Let’s rejoice all the day long

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