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He Calls

 He hears our every prayer
 He sees our every tear
 He heals our every wound
 He calms our every fear
 He fills our heart with peace
 He soothes out soul with joy
 He gives us grace for sin
 He’s Jesus, Lord of Lords
 He came to earth a child
 He grew to be a man
 He taught us about love
 He taught us of His plan
 He gave His life for me
 He sacrificed it all
 He died and rose again
 He lives and me He calls
 He calls me to forgive
 He calls me to have grace
 He calls me to spread love
 He calls me to sing praise
 He calls me out of darkness
 He calls me into light
 He calls me every day
 He calls me to do right
 Jesus, blessed Jesus
 May I head your call
 Help me to have mercy
 Help me forgive all
 Help me sound the trumpet
 For your return one day
 Help me to show others
 The truth, the life and the way

Into the Wilderness

This is an old song I wrote from 2012. I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to post it this morning. I pray it blesses you.

My life is filled with ups and downs trying to find my way around
In a world that keeps me guessing everyday
And when I pray I just don’t know if the answer’s coming slow
Or if he’s showing me his plan another way.

He leads me into the wilderness from the mountaintop
He rows me into the storm then he calms the sea
I don’t need to know where he’s leading me or what he’s going to do
For I know that all he does is for my good

I will follow where he leads me
I will go when he says go
If he opens up a door I will walk through
And if he suddenly turns quiet and I cannot hear his voice
I will wait…..I will wait


I will wait. I will wait. I will wait on the Lord. I will wait