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Extraordinary Day

 It’s not ordinary at all
 What happened that day
 When heaven came down
 In a manger to lay
 Angels came singing
 To shepherds alone
 Kings came from far
 As the brightest star shone
 Mother and father
 Had traveled so far
 To find the inn full
 Underneath that star
 Bet both of them knew
 That this special day
 The Savior was born
 To take sin away
 Yet the kept quiet
 About their sons fate
 He didn’t come too soon
 And He was not late
 The time was just right
 And today we see
 That Jesus redeems
 Both you and me
 Let’s never forget
 That extraordinary day
 When heaven came down
 And in a manger lay 

The Gift of Jesus

 He came for me
 On that dark and cloudless night
 So long ago
 He came for me
 Shepherds came when angels called
 They worshipped Him
 What a gift, what a precious gift
 More than silver, more than gold
 More than all the wealth foretold
 More than power, more than fame
 More than any other name
 The gift of Jesus
 He came for me
 Left His royal throne in heaven
 To sleep in hay
 He came for me
 The Son of God became a baby
 To set me free
 What a gift, what a precious gift
 More than silver, more than gold
 More than all the wealth foretold
 More than power, more than fame
 More than any other name
 The gift of Jesus
 The name that saves me
 The name that heals me
 The name that sets me free
 The name that delivers me
 The name that rescues me
 The name that provides for me
 The name above all names
 The name of Jesus
 What a gift, what a precious gift
 More than silver, more than gold
 More than all the wealth foretold
 More than power, more than fame
 More than any other name
 The gift of Jesus 

Glory to God

 In the quiet of night they waited
 For the breaking of the day
 The long night was cold and lonely
 As they tended the sheep in their care
 The stars were brilliant above them
 A cloudless sky gave them a view
 The campfire was warming their bodies
 As the mist settled down as a dew
 Then suddenly up in the heavens
 A bright light appeared to their sight
 And the form of an angel was seen next
 The shepherds leaned back in their fright
 Glory to God, glory to God
 Glory to God in the Highest
 Peace and good will, peace and good will
 Peace and good will to man
 “Do not be afraid” said the angel
 “I come to bring news of good cheer”
 For a child is born in a manger.
 Bringing great joy to all who will hear”
 You will find the babe laid in a manger
 With swaddling clothes keeping him warm
 Go to Bethlehem and greet the Savior
 Who will be the Lord of this world”
 And suddenly great light was shining
 A great heavenly host filled the air
 Singing “Glory to God in the highest
 Peace on earth and good will to man”
 Glory to God, glory to God
 Glory to God in the Highest
 Peace and good will, peace and good will
 Peace and good will to man 

God Gave a Gift

 Wrapped up like a gift in a manger lay
 The Savior of Creation came to earth a babe
 Shepherds in the field came to see the babe
 Told me angel chorus where the child lay
 God gave a gift.  A precious gift. A gift for you and I
 He came to free us from our sin.  He came to earth to die
 Wise men bearing gifts travelled from afar
 Following a sign above the brightest of all stars
 Who would have though this little child 
 Would grow to save us.  Die to raise us
 Who would have though this humble babe
 Had come to die. Be crucified
 One day reign in heaven high

Have You Seen the Star

 Have you seen the star
 Have you bowed in awe
 Have you traveled far
 From your sin
 Have you given gold
 All the world beholds
 So that you can hold
 Onto Him
 Has the frankincense
 Cleansed you from your sin
 Are you born again
 A priest for Him
 Has the myrrh applied
 From yourself to die
 Giving up your life
 All for Him
 Have you seen the star
 Has it changed your life
 Come to Jesus now
 And be saved

Come to the Star

 I couldn’t believe my eyes.
 There it was,
 shining so brightly in the Eastern sky.
 A radiant star,
 one never seen before.
 Brighter than the greatest star,
 brighter almost than the moon,
 high in the sky.
 I knew it was a sign.
 A sign of the coming King.
 A sing of a great leader.
 A sign we had looked for since time began.
 I had to go.
 Go to that star,
 go to where it pointed
 because I knew the ancient texts.
 They said a Messiah would come to save His people.
 And not just his people,
 but all people
 all races, kindred and tribe.
 The ancient text said he would be a wonderful counselor,
 a mighty God,
 an everlasting Father,
 a prince of peace.
 They said the increase of his government and peace would have no end.
 I had to see this child.
 this wondrous child,
 this destined child.
 I could not go without a gift,
 A gift worthy of a king.
 Gold would be my gift to the child
 I sent word two of my allies.
 When word came back,
 They also had seen the star.
 They also knew it’s meaning.
 They also would make the trip.
 One reminded me that he would be a priest to his people
 A priest like no other.
 A priest who would wash away their sin.
 A priest who would make their stony hearts flesh.
 He was brining frankincense
 In remembrance of the anointing oil for priests.
 The other remembered that he would die,
 He would die a horrible death,
 The death of the Roman cross.
 He would be led like sheep to the slaughter
 He would be wounded for our transgressions,
 bruised for our iniquities,
 the chastisement of our peace would be upon him,
 and by his stripes we would be healed.
 That King brought myrrh,
 the anointing oil of death.
 The journey would be long and arduous,
 but we had to go see this child.
 We wondered to each other why others were not going with us?
 Why did they not see the star?
 Why did they not know the ancient text?
 Why did they not realize what was happening?
 We realized among ourselves that some refuse to see,
 they refuse to acknowledge a king has come.
 They do now want to be responsible to someone higher than themselves.
 They do not desire accountability to such a Messiah.
 Others are blinded to the meaning of the star.
 They need someone to tell them,
 to show them the way,
 to lead them to the star.
 How about you,
 the reader of our story here.
 Have you seen the star?
 Will you follow its course?
 Will you come to the Savior?
 Can I help you understand?
 Can I help you see?
 Do not wait,
 today is the day of salvation.
 Come to the star today,
 before it is too late

As A Babe

 He was wrapped in simple cloths from a garment lying there
 The baby in the manger lay His head down in the hay
 No royal robe awaiting
 No pretty blanket there
 The King of Kings and Lord of Lords came down to earth that day
 Shepherds came to greet this babe the angel had declared
 The looked in awe as Mary held the baby in her arms
 The angel told them this child
 Would bring peace to all mankind
 So the bowed and worshipped Him as the King of Kings that day
 That day was the beginning
 That day brought our redemption
 That day Christ came to live with us
 That day He came to die
 That day He brought God’s love to earth
 That day God’s mercy mercy
 That day the grace of God came as a babe
 He grew and taught us of our Father up in heaven
 Then He gave His life away as a sacrifice for sin
 He didn’t have to save us
 He didn’t have to raise us
 But He loved us all so much that He did it anyway 
 When we will put our trust in Him we inherit life
 When we acknowledge He is Lord we win
 The joy and peace from god above will set our spirits free
 We’ll be no longer captured by our sin
 This day is the beginning
 This day brings our redemption
 This day Christ comes to live with us
 This day He comes to die
 This day He brings God’s love to earth
 This day God’s mercy shows
 This day the grace of God comes as a babe

Merry Christmas to All

 Merry Christmas to all
 Of my new friends online
 Where I really enjoy 
 Spending lots of my time 
 In this new WordPress world 
 Where you all are so kind
 And welcome me into your hearts
 Your writings have blessed me
 In so many ways
 And I've learned so much
 From your comments each day
 As I get back my health 
 I can honestly say 
 This habit helps carry me through
 May your Christmas be filled
 With joy unabated
 And peace that flows out
 To all those related 
 May love fill your house 
 Until all have decided
 To make Jesus the Lord of their lives  

Miracle Child

 The young girl was praying on bended knee saying Lord I will follow wherever you lead
 With this child my family will send me away ‘til the day the baby is born.
 The young man asked why he should still love the lass when the child she carried he knew was not his
 All the world would mock her and treat her as dirt and the hurt would never return
 But the Angel had told them the child would be theirs that He would be special and they should not care
 How the world would respond to this miracle child 
 So they trusted in the Lord.  Yes they trusted in the Lord.
 They called His name Jesus, Emmanuel
 Ki-ing of all kings, Lord of all
 Wonderful Savior, Prince of peace
 Emmanuel, God is wi-ith us.
 They followed the road down to Bethlehem where the child would be born, in a manger lay
 And they settled him down in the soft, cool hay and they prayed, giving thanks to the Lord
 Then kings from afar came bearing great gifts and shepherds left flocks just to kneel at His feet
 The star was so bright ‘bove the place where he lay 
 ‘Twas the birthday of the King.  The birthday of the King!
 All heaven rejoiced at the sound of His coming, on earth all was quiet and still
 The child in the manger brought peace to all men, and His message would be of good will