He Calls Your Name

I didn’t know that I was lost. I always thought I was alright
My life made sense to me. I was enjoying life
Then I looked all around and I saw misery and pain
I wondered to myself, how can this old world change?

I didn’t realize it had to start with me
If I didn’t see my sin I could not be set free
That’s when I picked up the book. His words reached to my soul
I saw my wretchedness in all the stories told

That’s when I knew I had no excuse
I fell on my knees and cried “Jesus save me”

Then He called my name and He raised me up
To stand with Him on solid ground
I am not the same. I have been born again
There is a new song on my lips since He called my name

Now there’s heavenly home waiting ahead for me
My life still has its pains but I have joy and peace
There is no substitute for His amazing grace
You too can find new life iIf you kneel down and pray

Then you will know His love in your soul
Pardon you’ll see when you are set free

When He calls your name, He will raise you up
To stand with Him on solid ground
You will not feel the same.  You will be born again
A new song will rise in you when He calls your name

Jesus calls you out of darkness.  Jesus calls you out of pain
Jesus calls you out of bondage.  Jesus calls you out of shame
Jesus calls you into freedom.  Jesus calls you into love
Jesus calls you into joy and peace that come from above

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